Epiphanies and Shrimp Tacos

I was at work today simply reading my Cosmo (yes, that is what I do at work) when I had an epiphany.

I. Am. Fat.

Anyone who knows me is thinking, “Well, duh!”. I’ve struggled with my weight for many years. I am not a tall person and I weight more than 300lbs so needless to say I am obese. I’m not sure what brought on this specific epiphany. I decided to change my life this morning at about 9am. (after I ate my Sausage Egg McMuffin). The weirdest part is the timing.

Now, my mom has been on a great health kick as weighed almost 400lbs back in February. Today, she weighed herself at about 9am and found out she has lost a over 100lbs! (103 to be exact). I didn’t talk to my mom today until 4pm. How freaky is that? At the exact moment she has reached her first goal, I decide to change my life! When I told her this the only thing she could say is “That’s gotta be a God thing.” and I really have to agree with her.

I pray to God that this is it. That this is the final time I decide to change my life and I just do it. Not only do I need to do it for me and my health but for my boyfriend who deserves to have that beautiful (slightly overweight) girl he fell in love with back.

At lunch time we went to Port of Subs. Normally Cari and I would get out usual medium turkey, smoked cheddar, and bacon on white. Today, while Cari go the usual, I had a small turkey, pickles, and lettuce, on wheat. With light mayo and mustard. Now, many of you may not understand the significance of the slight change but I do not have will power. I have told myself a hundred time that “I’m only going to have once slice of pizza” and instead eaten half the pie. This is a BIG change.

Nextly, on my last break at work they had pizza in the break room. Normally I’d saunter in and grab a slice. The second I saw the boxes I turned my butt around and sat in the hallway on my break. It’s pathetic but I am so proud of myself for that.

Tonight the coworkers and I are going to BJ’s Brewhouse for dinner. Usually I’d go and just order the tasteyest sounding thing on the menu. Today, I have researched the restaurant online and decided to have the grilled shrimp tacos which are only 340 calories. I’ll let you know how I do tonight. Wish me luck.

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