I’m feeling drawn to my first love, towards music. Maybe its because of my new Zune. (The great thing about Microsoft’s wanna-be iPod is that for $15 a month you can download unlimited music to it.) I haven’t listened to music this much in years. Lately I’ve been really enjoying music that is new to me and also the things that I have been listening to for years. Currently we’ve got Keith Sweat crooning in the background.

Music used to be such a passion for me. Unfortunately I wasn’t born with my fathers musical talen but I did receive a love for all types of music from both parents. I used to sit in my bedroom for hours doing nothing but listening music.

“Hold him in my arms and look out of my window
Under the moonlight
And he be keepin’ me calm so I’d never let him go
He’s got a place in my heart” Radio by Beyonce

I used to have so many passions. I don’t know what happened to me. I loved writing, music, photography, even dancing! Then…it just stopped. No particualr reason. It just ended. Now I don’t have anything I’m passionate about. I love my boyfriend, and I love my family, but I don’t have any hobbies that I love anymore.

Hopefully being reunited with music is a sign that change is coming.

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