All Hallows End

First of all…

It’s Halloween!

Well almost…

Today was the Halloween celebration at work (by celebration I mean trick or treating at desks, lame costumes, and pot lucks.) Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday but I can certainly enjoy the events. I decided that I’d dress up but only if I could figure out a costume that wouldn’t cost me $300. Since I am one crafty bitch, I established that I would be a demon (hahaha I know, how is that different from every other day?)

The costume its self was quite simple…Black skirt (in my closet), red shirt (made by me years ago), black sparkly shirt (in my closet), fishnets ($5 Walmart), Cute Devil horns (purchased years ago), awesome wings I made years ago (and don’t have a picture of) and cute shoes that hurt my toes.

Note: When I complained to Ken today about my toes hurting he said that if I were to be truly demonic I had to wear cute shoes that hurt. This got me thinking, no wonder demons and witches and whatnot are all so pissed off! Their effing feet are killing them in those killer shoes!

Anyway, I know I should be fired for not having a full body shot but the makeup of this outfit is really what made it. With an additional purchase of a zipper ($2 Wallmart craft department) and the assistance of the wonderful Sarah Lee, my hair and makeup were fan-FREAKING-tastic!

Look at that! How gross is that ish!? It’s freaking great! I love how it turned out. Everyone at work loved it. I honestly thought people would be grossed out a bit but I had at least 15 people tell me how “cute” I looked.

After deciding to put the zippers on, I obviously couldn’t just be a deamon with zippers on her face. So I tweaked my title a bit and thus became the “Tortured Demon”.

I can’t get enough of how great the hair and makeup came out. Sarah is truly talented. My entire costume was actually really cute, and I am pretty sure someone took a full body shot today so I will try to get a copy of it. I did pretty damn good considering I spent a total of $7 of my entire costume.

Anywho, I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween. Enjoy the tricks & treats and be sure to have a shot for me!

Happy Halloween!

PS: Once again, I have to say…I LOVE MY HALLOWEEN MAKEUP! Thank you Sarah!!

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