Again and again

I’m off work tomorrow and I will be spending the day with my mom. She’ll be picking me up bright and early so we can walk around the Sparks Marina. I know it’s over a mile, I think it might actually be two miles, whatever it is I hope it gets me back in gear. I did so well last week, I don’t want that all to go to waste just because I had a bad this week!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my future the past few days. I think this was brought on by my high school BFF giving birth to her second beautiful baby. She’s freshly 25, now has two adorable kiddos, a great husband, and just bought her first house. So many people around me are getting great new jobs, getting married, buying houses, and having babies. Sometimes I wonder if boyfriend and I will ever be married. We’ve been together 5 years in July. We’ve been together longer then all our couple friends except one, and they’ve been married 3 years! I know that we shouldn’t get married until we are ready but it’s hard to keep waiting. I don’t want to marry him just because I want a wedding, I want to marry him because I want to spend my life with him. I just feel like he is too comfortable with where we are. I never used to think that this phrase applied to me but I guess he doesn’t have to bother buying the cow since he gets the milk for free…


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