I can’t wait to get on the road again

As I said last night, the plan was to get back on the healthy wagon today (Friday). Unfortunately, my Mom wanted to go to the Peppermill Buffett for breakfast. Not only was the meal terrible (which is surprising because Peppermill used to be excellent), but I now know that I can not go to buffetts anymore because I don’t have the self control for it. Maybe in the future but right now I should really avoid triggers like that.

Eating that terrible meal pitted me against myself for the entire day. I fell physically and emotionally crappy. I basically laid around the house all day. Around 9:30pm I finally decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and I got off my ass and went grocery shopping at Walmart.

To be honest, I don’t really like Walmart much anymore. I much prefer Target but sadly we have yet to recieve a full blown Super Duper Target that carries a full grocery section here in Reno. Anyway, I did really well shopping at Walmart. A lot more vegitables seemed to make their way into my cart then in past trips.

I decided, while on my way to the store, that I need something more to help me get going on my diet again. I know, I know, drugs are bad. Bleh! I originally planned on getting some sort of appetite supressant but ended up getting Alli.

Now I’ve taken Alli in the past but always quit because of the side affects. However, those side affects were my fault. You see, with Alli you take a pill with each meal that contains any fat. The purpose of it is to block your body from absorbing 25% of that fat. In the instructions it clearly explains that if you take Alli with a meal that contains more than 15 grams of fat you run the risk of soiling yourself. Disgusting but true. In the past I chose to just quit taking the medication so that I could enjoy my Bacon Double Cheeseburger while wearing CLEAN pants.

This time things are different. Even though I was eating terrible all week, I was still much more aware of what I was eating than in the past. Since I am not a fan of walking around with my pants full of sh*t, I think these might be helpful.

I think that anything that can help me on this journey is definately worth risking poopy pants.

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