You know I’d wait forever

It’s a beautiful day here in Reno,NV. Lucky for me because I got off work at 11am today and decided to walk home. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I’m beboppin down the street listening to music. I made it home only to realize that I left my house keys on the kitchen table…

Surprisingly I’m not annoyed with myself. I have the warm sunshine, a cool breeze, my Zune, and my iPhone to entertain me. I won’t be stuck much longer, my mom will be around on her lunch break with a spare key at 1:30 so I’ll only have been out here about two hours.

Speaking of my Zune, I’ve downloaded so much music that more then half of my 10,000+ songs I’ve never heard. I just now came across this great song called “Forever” by Walter Meego. I’ve listened to it about 15 times already out here lol. I think I’ll have to Google him when I get inside to see what else he’s got. The title of this blog is a line of he song, it suits me well considering my current situation lol.

Hmmm since I have the time I might as well do a diet update. Friday I weighed in with another loss of 0.6lbs. It’s not much but I’ll take it! Considering how off track I was the other week I am just happy to have any loss at all. I think that the Alli is helping a lot to suppress my appetite. However I’ve noticed on the weekends I tend to go a but crazy and eat out way too much but at least I tracked just about everything this weekend.

I am really enjoying my walks home. It’s nice and peaceful especially if I remember to bring my Zune. I’d like to take more walks but the hardest part is just gettin up and starting the walk. It’s getting easier but it’s still tough. Going back to my weight loss, I’ve only lost 4.8lbs since I started a month ago but I really am feeling better. Exercise isn’t AS hard and I feel like this is the most motivated I’ve ever been. I really think I can do this, it’s just going to take a lot of time and patience. Patience is hard for me lol.

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