Life is Good

Another day off!  I know, I know, I’m a slacker.  Anyway…

I am in a great mood.  I am trying to be more and more positive lately and it really is working for a change.  Today was an uneventful day off but I feel good about it.  I woke up at 6:45 and went to WW and weighed in.  I only lost 0.4lb but again, a loss is a loss so I’m cool with it.  This week is going to be better than ever!  I’m hyped!

My Mom and sister came over for dinner.  I made “h-o-t hot boneless buffalo wing” sand “fiber-ific fried cheese sticks” from a Hungry Girl recipe from the “200 Recipes Under 200 Calories” cookbook I bought a few weeks ago.  They turned out really good and Mom stopped at our new favorite Chinese restaurant Jazmine and got their pot stickers and egg rolls.  We had a finger food dinner and it was excellent!  They have the best pot stickers at Jazmine!

After dinner we were going to watch “Dear John” but I am really hyper and I don’t feel like sitting around watching a movie.  I organized my Grandma Dee’s ceramic pig collection on my dining room shelf and dusted a bit.  I feel good about having something of hers out.  We were never very close but I do miss her.  I wish I had had the chance to get to know her better.  Thankfully I was very close to my Mom’s Mom, my Grandma Joan.  Tomorrow I am going to see my Poppop (mom’s Dad).  I think I’m going to ask him if he has anything of Grandma’s that I can have to display in my house. I have a few things that were hers but mostly just some necklaces that you can’t really display.

Back to the negativity topic..I think being less negative is really helping in a lot of aspects of my life.  Sure, I’m still negative about some things sometimes but I am trying.  Bobby and I are doing pretty good I think.  We did get into an argument the other night but that was my fault for not being more communicative.  Besides that I think we are doing really good.  I love him a lot and I am glad to be with him.  Since I’ve missed a lot of work lately (I know, I’m a bad girl) money is tight but we’re dealing with it pretty well.  I kinda get antsy once in awhile about it and I know it bugs him because it’s my own fault we are tight lol.  I just need to relax, we have money for rent, bills are paid, and we have food in the house.  Everything is good!

My life is really excellent!  I have a great man who treats me better then I ever deserve.  My Mom is my best friend and I wouldn’t replace her with anyone else.  My sister and I get along better than ever.  I have a few people I can really count on that are my friends.  I have a nice job.  My house…well my house is turning out to be freaking beautiful!  I love opening all the windows, turning on music, and just looking around at how far we’ve come.  Our old apartment started with a tiny couch we found by the trash and an itty bitty tv.  I know life isn’t all about stuff but I feel like we have come so far and our stuff is just the physical proof of that.

All I gotta say is…

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