What the heck am I doing?!

My check for the last two weeks was $206. Why so little? It’s not because I get paid minimum wage, it’s because I’m a big fat lazy bum. Anytime I could I avoided work or left early. I didn’t have any good reasons, I just felt like it. I walked home, laid on the couch, watched reruns of iCarly and That 70’s Show, and played Farmville. Okay so I like to relax a lot but usually I’m not THAT lazy!

Of course since I’ve been at home so much being lazy, my diet has been shot to hell. Yuck. I need to get going again.

It’s 12:27am and I should be sleeping but I know that when I fall asleep I will wake up and have to go to work. Not sleeping now is just going to make tomorrow worse because I’ll be tired. I don’t hate my job, it’s ok, I just always feel like I’d rather be doing anything else. Maybe I’ve been thinking too much lately. I really wish I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I don’t want to work in call centers forever, I think I’d go insane.

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