Where am I going?

Once again I have been thinking about my future.

Am I going to work in entry level positions in a call center my entire life? I don’t mind my job, but I know I can’t do this forever. I wouldn’t mind working in a call center, so long as I get past the whole “taking calls” part. One promotion could get me away from that. I don’t mind call centers but I’d prefer something else.

What? I have no idea. More and more I have been thinking about going back to school but I’m not smart enough. I know I can’t work and go to school, even to take one class. I get overwhelemed so easily. I should have just finished school instead of going to work right out of high school.

I wish I could go back now. If I were smarter with my money then I might have had the chance. I don’t need to pay for school, my grandpa has that covered, but financially, I haven’t saved anything. Just another thing I’ve messed up I guess.

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