25 Things I Want to do Before I Turn 25

I turn 25 on August 29.

This gives me 65 days to complete everything on this list.  Once I turn 25 I’m going to do a 26 before 26 with bigger and better things so I can do them throughout the year.

Here they are in no particular order…

1.  Lose 20lbs
2. Stop drinking soda completely
3. Grow a herb garden
4. Go out to a club and dance (believe it or not, I’ve never been to a club)
5. Have a solid $200 in savings (it’s not a lot but I suck at saving)
6. Wear makeup every day (I very rarely wear makeup)
7. Get a promotion (or at least be in a better position to get one)
8. Dine at 3 restaurants I’ve never been to
9. Deep clean my house and keep it that way while creating a cleaning routine for each day.

  • Monday – Mirrors – I have a ton of mirrors around my house that need cleaning
  • Tuesday – Tidy Up – just cleaning up the random stuff around the house.
  • Wednesday – Laundry
  • Thursday – Bathrooms – Counters and toilets
  • Friday – Floors – Mopping, sweeping, vacuum, all that stuff.

10.  Blog at least 3 times a week
11.  Make it trough an entire weekend day with NO technology!
12.  Hang real curtains in my bedroom
13. Read 5 new books
14. Make 10 new recipes
15. Take pictures every day
16. Make a few digital scrapbook pages each week then have them printed.
17. Go on a road trip on some random weekend and stay overnight
18.  Get a manicure & pedicure
19.  Learn to play one song on my guitar
20. Craft something for each room of my house
21. Go camping
22. Shop at the Farmers Market and make something tasty with my goods!
23. Give up TV for a week
24. Pay off my Credit Card
25. Exercise for 25 consecutive days

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