Photography and My Life

I’ve been looking at DeviantArt again and I’d really like to get interested into photography again.  I kind of wish I could just take a photography class but that is so expensive.  I could get college credit for it but I don’t know if my grandpa would like paying for it just because I want to take photography.  When I was going to take it originally it was okay because I was talking other classes at the same time.   I just looked at the class scheudle for Fall 2010 and there is a class on Fridays from 9am till 1:30pm which would be perfect because I am off on Fridays and I could take Bobby to work and then go to class.

I feel like I need to start doing something. I think this would be a good start.  I honestly have no idea what my grandpa would say if I told him I wanted to just take a photography class.  In high school photography was my favorite class and I was really good at it but as I got older I just didn’t continue with it because I didn’t have the money to pay to develop film and by the time I got a decent digital camera I lose my oompf for it.  I think it would be amazing to become a professional photographer. However, I’m sure that everyone important to me would think it was ridiculous.  I’ve always loved photography but I know I’m not any good at it anymore.

*sigh* I guess I should stop my self loathing and just get over it.  I think I’ll just ask my mom and see what she thinks about me asking my grandpa to pay for a photography class.

Wish me luck.

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