26 Before 26

I didn’t quite finish all my 25 Before 25 but I’m redoing the list and creating a 26 Before 26.  I have much more time this time so I hope to add some bigger things to the list.  My birthday is August 29th which gives me I have 205 days if I begin tomorrow which is February 5.  Wish me luck.

Much of my list is about establishing better habits in my life.  Some may seem silly to most buy they are important to me.

Here is the list in no particular order:

1. Stop drinking pop (soda-haha Bobby!) completely
2. Finish redoing my cookbook
3. Practice meditation
4. Create an Inspiration Board
5. Have a solid amount of money in savings
6. Wear makeup and do my hair regularly
7. Get a promotion or better job
8. Cook more-and healthier!
9. Make my house a peaceful, inspiring and beautiful place to live.  And keep it clean!
10. Blog at least twice a week
11. Spend a full day using no electricity (except cooking)
12. Make real curtains for my bedroom
13. Read 15 new books
14. Watch the sunrise 5 times comfortably (not by staying up until sunrise, not by getting up and going back to sleep)
15. Take more pictures
16.  Keep my Etsy shop up and active no matter how discouraged I may get
17. Do more new things with Bobby (things out of our comfort zone like hiking or things we don’t usually do like go to the Farmers Market)
18. Visit a place I’ve never been
19. Practice my guitar at least once a week
20. Have one screen-free night a week, no tv, no computer, just reading, board games, or connecting with friends (and attempt to get Bobby to do this with me 🙂
21. Go camping
22. Write a letter to myself to open when I am 50
23. Lose 75lbs – Very doable at my size.
24. Have more family and friends over for dinner.
25. Exercise for 21 consecutive days and continue working out at least 4 times a week after if not daily.
26. Create a beautiful scrapbook

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