Dear Whoever Reads This

No matter what anyone has said or done to you in the past, you are beautiful. You have gotten up after being hit, whether physically or emotionally, and for that I applaud you. Something as simple as your smile brings joy into strangers lives. Keep doing what you’re doing, and someone out there, someone like me, will keep appreciating you. Always smile big, laugh loud, spread love. Lord knows there isn’t enough people in the world doing it. You are one of those rare people who makes the world a better place by simply existing.

This is to those people who wake up in the morning, and their first thought is not about what they have to do today, or what happened to them yesterday, or what’s going on tomorrow. From the moment they awake they are worried about how to make the world a better place for you, for me, to live in.

These people never get the recognition they need.
Thank you for making the world a better place

I’ll always love you, regardless of anything at all. You are beautiful inside and out.
You’re doing something right.

*Found this somewhere randomly online.  I enjoyed it.*


PS: I’ve decided I don’t like Tumblr.  I like WordPress better.  So I’m back here.


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