26 Before 26 Update – What have I done so far?

I haven’t been focusing a lot on my list but I have accomplished a few things.  Here’s an update on everything on my list.

1. Stop drinking soda completely – I haven’t had any soda since March 21st!  It was difficult at first but I am so proud at myself for doing it!  I chug water all day long and I really do feel better now that I’m not drinking soda.

2. Finish redoing my cookbook – Haven’t even started it…
3. Practice meditation – I need to start this, I think I’ll do that when I’m done here!
4. Create an Inspiration Board – Not started yet
5. Have a solid amount of money in savings – I’m getting there!  There is money in my savings account!  Woohoo!
6. Wear makeup and do my hair regularly – I don’t go anywhere lately but I should do it anyway…I haven’t been doin it much.
7. Get a promotion or better job – Well…I don’t have any job now.  I am going to start going to school full time in September and I am taking a few classes over the summer.  I think going to school is better than just getting a new job or promotion.  Now I will have the ability to find a job that I love hopefully.
8. Cook more-and healthier! – I have been cooking more…not healthier so much. I’m working on it.
9. Make my house a peaceful, inspiring and beautiful place to live.  And keep it clean! – As I said in my last post this is going extremely well!  I need to organize my office a bit but my house is beautiful!
10. Blog at least twice a week – Still working on that…
11. Spend a full day using no electricity (except cooking) – Not yet.
12. Make real curtains for my bedroom – Again, not yet.
13. Read 15 new books – Hmm lets see…the books I can remember reading so far…
Hunger Games Trilogy (3 books) – Suzanne Collins
Looking for Alaska – John Green
Paper Towns – John Green
Eat  Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert
A compilation of dystopian stories
Dead Until Dark – Charlaine Harris

Which brings us to a total of 8.  I think there is more but this is all I can remember.  I need to read 7 more books to meet my goal.

14. Watch the sunrise 5 times – Not yet

15. Take more pictures – Not as many as I’d like but more than I used to.

16.  Keep my Etsy shop up and active no matter how discouraged I may get – Arg.  It’s still up but it’s not selling much.

17. Do more new things with Bobby – We have gone to the movies more than we used to but nothing else really.

18. Visit a place I’ve never been – Not yet

19. Practice my guitar at least once a week – Nope

20. Have one screen-free night a week, no tv, no computer, just reading, board games, or connecting with friends. – Yeah right, haven’t managed this yet at all.

21. Go camping – Not warm enough but I’m planning on it!

22. Write a letter to myself to open when I am 50 – Not yet

23. Lose 75lbs – Not even close

24. Have more family and friends over for dinner. – Not yet

25. Exercise for 21 consecutive days and continue working out at least 4 times a week after if not daily. – Nope

26. Create a beautiful scrapbook – No

Okay this was more discouraging then I thought.  I need to get on this stuff!

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