On the road again…

After a terrible nights sleep due to tossing, turning, and general “this isn’t my bed” annoyance, I woke up a little after 5am. Of course my mom was already up so we chatted a bit and then pulled my sister out of bed. Our hotel in San Jose offered a free continental breakfast so we headed down the hall and I made myself a waffle and had some OJ.

It was easy enough to get our things packed up and loaded in the car so we were on the road headed to Solvang, CA by 7:30am. I was passed out in the front seat by 8am. I was out for quite awhile because when I came to we were parked on the side of the freeway so my mom could take a brake from driving and have Alicia do it. This was at about 10:30am.

The drive was absolutely beautiful. Even the rest stop we pulled into was gorgeous. Driving through wine country on a beautiful summer day wasn’t bad at all. Along the way we stopped at the Madonna Inn. My mom had heard about this place from friends and had seen it on the travel channel. They have a cafe and gift shop so we decided to stop and look around. The buildings were really cool, I wish I had thought to take pictures outside. The inside was insane! I’ve never seen so much pink and sparkles in my life. As gaudy as the place was, it was beautiful at the same time. I added yet another shot glass to my collection, Alicia bought some really tasty caramels, and mom bought a magnet.

One of the dining rooms at the Madonna Inn

Continuing the drive down highway 101 was beautiful. It was exciting to see the Pacific ocean and Pismo Beach. We didn’t stop but I took some drive by pics. We will be going to the beach later in our trip so don’t worry!

The Pacific Ocean Dude

Finally we rolled into Solvang at about 1pm. The weather is fantastic here and everything is beautiful. The town is adorable and everything pretty much stays within the Danish theme. We were early for check in so parked and walked around a bit. We grabbed lunch on the patio of a place called The Mustardseed Restaurant. We had their “Beef Dip” sandwiches and unfortunately they were a bit disappointing but sitting on the patio during such a beautiful day made up for it.

Next door to the restaurant was “The Olive Shop” and we browsed a bit and I bought some really tasty garlic and pepper-jack cheese stuffed olives and Alicia got some artichoke and tomato bruscheta.

Check in time rolled around and we headed there. This hotel is 10 times better than the last one. I want to live here! We got settled in and then went to the restaurant in the hotel because the offer free wine and cheese for the guests every day. My wine was good and they had some tasty Brie and crackers included with the drinks.

Super comfortable beds

Free booze!

Very awesome lights in the hotel restaurant

We decided to have dinner at a steakhouse called “The Hitching Post II”. The food was incredible but a little pricy. Mom and I had steak which was very flavorful and tender and Alicia had the juciest chicken I’ve ever tasted. We also ordered a Grilled Artichoke which was amazing! I love artichokes already but this was just brilliant!

So after eating way too much we went back to our room. Mom went to bed and Alicia and I decided to checkout the pool/hottub which was really nice.

As far as I can remember, that sums up the second full day of our trip. Tomorrow I’ll have lots of photos because we will be wandering Solvang for the day.

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