Our first full day in Solvang started at the very late hour of 7:30am. Okay it’s not late by normal standards but by Mom’s we might as well have slept till noon.

We headed to the free “American” style breakfast our hotel offered at 8ish. It was pretty good. Scrambled eggs, bacon, country style potatoes, fruit, oatmeal, and the best Danishes ever. I shouldn’t have been so surprised at how good they were, we are in a Danish town.

Before we could head out for the day, Mom made us go back to the room and clean up before the maid came. Once the room was presentable we started our adventure.

The first stop was one of the many famous Solvang bakeries. This place was a dream.  They had pastries and candy and bread and every tasty treat you can imagine. Everything was amazing and beautiful.

Chocolate Meringue

Solvang Delight – The best tasting thing we found

Next door to the bakery was a cute little shop the sold souvenirs and other random things. We saw some shot glasses to add to my collection but decided to wait and check out some other stores before making a purchase.
The morning had started out a bit couldy but by the time we left the shop it was bright and sunny again. There was a nice breeze which made the temperature perfect.

We had no destination in mind, we just walked around and looked in the shops. We looked in another bakery and gained about 10lbs just smelling the pastries. Then we found a great “Clock and Music Box” shop that had a lot of cute collectables. Mom bought me a Tinkerbell statue and Alicia got a musical doll and mom bought a friend a souvenir and got a cool light up box thing with a Tinkerbell scene inside.

Alicia sitting outside the “Clock and Music Box” Shop.

There was a nice outdoor cafe we found around lunch time and stopped to eat. I had a French Dip which was considerably better than the one I had at the Musterdseed Restaurant. Mom had a hot pastrami sandwich and Alicia had a burger. The fresh lemonade I had was great also!
We ended up back at the first souvenir shop to buy our stuff because we didn’t find anywhere else with shot glasses for my collection.
Since we are amazing world travelers our next stop will amaze you. We drove out of Solvang into the nearby town of Buellton and got the car washed because the windshield was covered in the guts of thousands of dead bugs. Then we went to CVS/pharmacy. New and exotic locales, that’s how we roll.
While at CVS we rented “Just Go With It” from Red Box because out hotel room has a DVD player.

Before watching the movie we went to the hotel restaurant to have our complimentary wine and Brie again. From the restaurant we headed to the pool and hot tub where mom stood witness to my baby sister trying to drown me. No biggie.
Back in the room we showered and prepared to go out to dinner.  We found a little Italian place called “Cafe Angelica” where I had my favorite Chicken Piccatta, mom had a pasta dish with steak in it, and Alicia had a chicken and pasta dish. The food was okay, the service was slow, and the prices were high. It was a bit of a disappointment but it was a nice atmosphere.
Back in the room we watched the movie we rented. Alicia and I really enjoyed it but mom must have been bored because she fell asleep about 30 minutes into it. After the movie we just relaxed in the room and eventually went to bed. Our first day in Solvang was a success and we all agree that we’d love to come back.

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