I think I just saw Spongebob

Most of today was spent traveling since we were leaving Solvang and heading up to San Simien, CA to tour Hearst Castle.  The tour isn’t until tomorrow so we took our time driving up the coast.  The morning started with the same American style breakfast at our hotel in Solvang, scrambled eggs, bacon, country potatoes, Danish, fruit, and oatmeal.  And lots and lots of orange juice.

Breakfast was a little tense because for some reason we were all very tired so we went back to the room and relaxed a bit before packing and heading out.  We all took short naps and then were packed and out of the room by 10:30.  We wanted to get one last look at Solvang so the first thing we did was head to a shop called “The Book Loft” where my dad said he had a cousin working there.  We stopped in and asked for the girls my dad mentioned but they had no idea who we were.  It was cute shop and nice to meet the gal but a bit embarrassing lol.  I didn’t have the phone number my dad gave me for his Aunt with me so I couldn’t call her.  Maybe we will catch them another time.

We drove around town a little bit and took in the views.  It really is a gorgeous town.  So sad to say goodbye!  Mom’s only regret when leaving Solvang was that she did more wine gulping than wine tasting. 😉

We got on the road again and began the long drive.  We made a stop in Santa Maria, CA for a few reasons.  Alicia wanted to stop at Walmart to get new nose rings as she dropped all of hers down the sink in the last hotel.  Mom and I came to the conclusion that everything in California is prettier.  Even the shopping cart return at Walmart!

Seriously?  Such a fancy shopping cart return!

After stoping at Walmart we went to Kohls because I had a coupon that was about to expire.  It was a great coupon!  It was for $10 off and I got a super cute headband and didn’t have to pay a penny for it!  I’m kind of a crazy couponer now. From Kohls we headed to Carl’s Jr. to grab some lunch because we’ve been spending so much money on meals this trip we wanted something cheap.  It was pretty good.

The drive continued on for another hour or so and finally we reached Hwy 1 where we got to drive along the Pacific coast.  It was beautiful.

Once we hit San Simian we drove past our hotel to make sure we knew the way to Hearst Castle because our tour is at 8am.  Driving back to the hotel we stopped at one of the Vista Points to take some pictures of the great view.  I took a million pictures and at some point I will upload all the pictures I took somewhere so everyone can see but here are just a few…

Can you see Spongebob or Patrick out there?

While we were at the Vista Point there was a squirrel running around.  Only Alicia could get a squirrel to eat out of her hand.  I’ve never seen anything like it!

Alicia is feeding this guy one of the cookies I bought in a Solvang bakery,

Alicia said that this guys name is Eric.

The hotel here is nice.  It’s another Best Western and since our first room was a Best Western mom was a bit worried it would be terrible.  It’s not as fancy as the place in Solvang but it’s not bad at all.  They even have a mini bar.  I’ve never stayed anywhere with a mini bar.  Not that I’ll use it, but it’s still cool.

Lots of pillows!

The absolutely best part of this hotel though?  The incredible view…

Once we were settled in the room we headed to the hotel restaurant.  We tried the Crab Cakes and they weren’t bad.  Mom and I are always thinking that Crab Cakes will be delicious but we never like them.  This time they weren’t bad.  They weren’t magical, but they weren’t bad.  We tried the Clam Chowder which was amazing.  I don’t really like Clam Chowder but this stuff was unbelievable.    Alicia had spaghetti and meatballs that she said was really good.  Mom and I had the same entrée called the “Mixed Grill” which consisted of chicken breast, a sausage, and jumbo prawns wrapped in bacon, and this was all covered in a butter sauce.  Bacon. Wrapped. Prawns.  A-freakin-mazing! It was realllllly good.

Now we are hanging out in the room since we have an early day tomorrow.  Today was pretty uneventful but since it was a beautiful day it was a great drive, except my right arm got a bad sunburn from hanging out the window. :-p  Here is where I’ve posted a bunch of pictures of the trip! 

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