Homeward Bound

Our final day of vacation was mostly traveling.  We started the day early as usual around 7am and packed up and headed out.  The first stop was to a grocery store to get some sourdough bread everyone knows that fresh sourdough that has been made near the ocean is the best every.  After the store we went to a Black Bear Diner for breakfast.  We have a Black Bear in Reno and it’s always been good, the one in Monterey was just as good.  When breakfast was over we hit the road.

My mom wanted to stop in Vacaville to check out the outlet stores that they have.  We stopped in at the Lancome store, Crocs store, Claires, and the Jelly Belly Outlet.  I don’t think the prices were really that outlet-like but it was fun to shop a bit.  At the Jelly Belly Factory we we’re like kinds in a candy store (haha) because they had so much Jelly Belly merchandise.  I’m not a huge jelly bean fan but it was fun to buy gifts for our friends and it was just a fun store.

Lunch on the drive home was In N Out and there’s really nothing you can complain about there.  After lunch we drove on towards Rocklin, CA.  We stopped in Rocklin because we wanted to give my mom’s Uncle Lenny and Aunt Patti the souvenir we bought them.  We didn’t stay very long but it was good to see Uncle Lenny.

More driving…

We stopped in Grass Valley at my grandpas house because my mom left here electric cigarette charger there.  We ran in an grabbed a few things and got back on the road.  We usually drive highway 20 home from my grandpas house and while we were on it we got stuck in a downpour of rain, the first bad weather on the trip.

We finally hit Reno around 6:30pm and stopped and grabbed some dinner and brought it back to my house. We ate, we relaxed, and them mom and Alicia went home and our vacation was over.

This trip was so much fun.  I’m very glad we did it. There was a lot of driving and a lot of picture taking.  We made the unanimous decision that we have to travel more.


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