Topics of Conversation

I’m here with another 10 minute blog. I missed a day or so but I’m gonna keep on keeping on. Word of warning; I’m writing this on my iPhone so there are bound to be typos. I guess it’s ok since I don’t think anyone reads this anymore. 🙂

I’ve noticed that I kind of stink at blogging. Not only are my posts rare, they also are usually boring breakdowns of my day to day life. I’m order to remedy that problem I have compiled a list of topics that I can choose from when I don’t know what to write. I’ll either choose what strikes me at the moment or use or something. This list is pretty much just for my own personal reference.

1. Friendship -friends of convenience, fair-weather friends, best friends, what is it?, etc…
2. Vampires – why are they popular? Why are they sexy?
3. Love – what do I think love is?
4. World of Warcraft
5. Health – weight, possibility of diabetes, sleep apnea, etc…
6. Weight Loss – motivation, diet, surgery, etc…
7. Gilmore Girls – small town charm, mother relationships, entertainment,etc…
8. Money – debt, bills, pride, etc…
9. Routines
10. Career – what do I do?, what do I want?
11. School – why am I not there? What do I want? Business, jewelry, am I a disappointment?
12. Handily Handcrafted – profit, advertising, quality, future,’products
13. Crafting – what I want to try, techniques, ideas
14. Jewelry Making – enjoyment, profit, quality, future career?
15. Hate – what it means to me
16. Gossiping vs. Talking shit
17. Insomnia – sleeping pills, apnea?, health
18. Music – CDs, concerts, video
19. Facebook – not while I was in school, pros, cons,addiction, etc…
20. Addiction – in me, my family, my friends, etc…
21. Liars & Lying – white lies,honestly, truth, friends, family, etc…
22. Holidays – favorites, least fave, traditions, etc…
23. Sex
24. Drugs
25. Politics
26. YouTube – who I like, what I don’t understand, etc…
27. Makeup & hair
28. Zynga Games – Farmville, Frontierville, Mafia Wars., etc…
29. Future
30. Marriage – my definition, dream wedding
31. Family – current, past, future
32. Pregnancy
33. Jealousy
34. Cooking
35. Leave Out All The Rest – Linkin Park
36.  Books to read before you die
37.  Things to do before I die

More to come I’m sure…this was more than 10 min! WooHoo!