Just Go

I was reading a story about a girl who took her camera and got on the train and just rode it until the end of the line.  She took all kinds of cool pictures.  I was thinking that it would be such a cool idea for me to do this.  Unfortunately, Reno doesn’t have a train as public transit.  We have the Citifare.  It would be the same right?  I don’t know.  I was trying to think of where the bus line ends and I think it’s Stead.  There’s nothing in Stead.

I suppose that I could do the bus thing anyway and count it as one of my Battle vs. Boredom things (which I haven’t done anything for as of yet). It might be fun if I had a friend who’d be into it but I honestly can’t think of anyone who would find riding the bus around town all day exciting. And, knowing my luck, I’d never be able to find my way home.

I guess it’s just a silly notion.  I’m not really the adventurous type.  I wish I were.  I guess talking about wanting to be adventurous isn’t going to get me anywhere.  I just need to get on the bus and go!

Seriously, do I sound as crazy as I think I do?  Let’s ride the city bus all day long!  I have a car but who cares!  Let’s just get on the bus and go!  Where, you ask?  Everywhere!