“Make my house a peaceful, inspiring, and beautiful place to live”

I was watching a YouTube video the other day by WheezyWaiter and he talked about looking for inspiration in this video.   Something he said struck a chord in me.  He was talking about how if you wait for inspiration then it’s just lazy.  His theory is that if you want to do something you can’t just wait until inspiration smacks you in the face, which is what I do with this blog which is why there haven’t been any posts. So once again, I am going to try to blog more even if I don’t know what I want to blog about.

I haven’t been working now for over a month.  It feels weird to not have a job and not be worried about finding one.  I’ve always had a job and when I didn’t I was always looking.  Now I am just sitting around waiting for school to start so I can go to college.  For real this time.

I need to find more things to do with myself.  My house is clean now.  I do need to get my office clean and organized and then I will have officially accomplished one of the things on my 26 Before 26 list.  “Make my house a peaceful, inspiring, and beautiful place to live”.  My room is finally decorated and I love the theme.  It’s mostly black and white with some silver thrown in.  It’s nothing fancy but it makes me happy.  Since I repainted my old dresser we have that in there and I am so proud of it.  It was my first big painting project and it turned out fantastic! This picture is of the almost completed project, it’s missing one handle but that has since been added.  To me, it almost looks like you could buy it this color and with these findings.  I’m so proud of it.  Our new bed set make the whole room come together.  I accidently bought a king size set instead of California king but we’ve made it work.    Here are just a couple pictures of the decor in our bedroom.

I absolutly love this lamp.  Now I am trying to think of ways to work the color teal into the decor.  I think teal is my new favorite color.

As you can tell, this is a terribly written blog.  I’m trying to write even when I don’t feel like writing so sometimes you’ll just get what ya get.