Dreams of love and Jonas Brothers??

Let me being this post by informing you that I am not a fan of the Jonas Brothers.  I’m not not a fan either.  I just don’t care.  I’ve heard a few songs but I doubt I could name them for you.  I don’t know their names really, I think there is one named Joe but that is as far as my fandom goes.  Out of sheer curiosity I googled them and found out their names are Nick, Joe, and Kevin.

Last night before bed I took a sleeping pill to help knock me out. Usually this causes me to sleep hard and if I dream I have no recolection of it.  However, for some reason, last nights dream was vivid and detailed.  Since this was a dream, the following descriptions will be jumpy at best.

It began with me in my driveway, which was really my moms driveway, apparently I lived there.  I was sitting on the hood of my car talking to a Jonas Brother.  Apparently his name was Nick.  We seemed to be close friends and then all of a sudden we were making out, while sitting on the hood of my car.  Soon we were interupted by my mom walking out asking what the hell we were doing.  At that point he left and my mom and I went on to have a discussion about the fact that I have a boyfriend already.  In this dream my current boyfriend is still my boyfriend.

Next I am at work and I seem to be a waitress at a nice resturaunt.    I am serving a meal to Nick and Joe Jonas and the respective girlfriends.  Then, Joe corners me in a supply closet and we make out.  I guess I am a Jonas slut.

After another not so nice conversation with my mother I decide that I want to break up with my boyfriend so I can be with Joe Jonas.  

The next scene is me hanging up the phone after breaking up with my boyfriend and then turning around to kiss Joe.  I guess he dumped his girlfriend for me too.

That’s it.  There are a lot more details that I don’t remember really but it was weird enough that I wanted to blog it.  Ever since this dream I have been thinking about Joe Jonas.  He’s kinda cute you know.  Maybe he’ll show up in my driveway.